Thank you everybody. It was a fun trip!

Fresh* Sheets Hostel Dubrovnik Old Town was one of the only hostels located in the heart of Dubrovnik - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. We've closed the hostel and are embarking on some new adventures. We recently opened a great place near the famous Cathedral. Think of it as boutique accommodation for travellers' at heart who can no longer do dorms and can afford a bit of luxury Fresh* Sheets Kathedral Dubrovnik Old Town. And if you need to do some laundry, drop by our wonderfully retro self-service Sanja & Rosie's Launderette

Thanks to all of our past guests and staff for making the hostel a great place. All the best! Jon and Sanja


To help accommodate guests who like the social atmosphere of a hostel but prefer more privacy and luxury, we are pleased to announce the opening of Fresh* Sheets Kathedral Dubrovnik . It's not for the budget traveller but if you want to splash out, it's boutique accommodation in the heart of Dubrovnik with incredible rooms and views. We are offering some great opening week specials in March 2016. Check it out!


If you are looking for a wonderfully retro self-service laundromat in Dubrovnik, come and drop by Sanja & Rosie's Launderette Dubrovnik. There's free WiFi and washing powder! Enjoy;)